1950 Houses: Made for Solar


Tomorrow’s DIY Saturday  workshop at the Community Tool Library is about how to get Solar panels on your house, with a presentation from Million Monarchs energy efficiency experts.

About half of the Foster neighborhood houses were built in the 50’s following the “Postwar Cape Cod” vernacular, more affectionately known as boxy little houses. These were affordable, attractive homes for the newly prosperous middle class at the time.

While the 50’s view of modernism hasn’t necessarily maintained it’s cutting edge appeal, there is one advantage they have over their 1920’s bungalow neighbors: Their roofs were basically made for solar power. Flat, long, uninterrupted surfaces pointed to the south is pretty much the perfect conditions for solar power.

Go Solar at the Community Tool Library

Saturday August 31st – 10am to Noon

9211 SE Ramona Street





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