Election Recap: How Did Foster Vote?

Yesterday the Multnomah County Elections office released their official results for the Nov 6 elections. At the risk of upsetting a still-election-weary populace, Foster United shares our snapshot analysis of how Fosterites voted on a handful of key races.

The numbers we’ve used for Foster are based on eight local election precincts shown in the map below, so are an imperfect reflection of the area. Undoubtedly there could be quibbles about which precincts to use –and the serpentine boundaries don’t make it any easier. But we hope that this is illustrative, or at least momentarily interesting.

Foster Went Big for Obama

Even compared to Obama-loving Multnomah County, the Foster area’s love for the President is just so much more real… About 3% more real, in fact.

Mr. Romney barely garnered an anemic 16% of voters around here. Perhaps we just didn’t understand the sweep of his program for job-creation and economic growth?

Foster Likes the Weed

Measure 80, which would have legalized recreational use of marijuana in Oregon, failed statewide by about 6 points. But more than 60% of Multnomah County voters supported it.

Not to be outdone, Foster stomped even Multnomah County, giving Measure 80 a whopping 68% of the vote here.

Similar Outcomes in City Races

In the two City Council races, Fosterites were slightly less enthusiastic about the two winners than the City overall. But not by much. Voters here went for Charlie Hales over Jefferson Smith for Mayor and for Amanda Fritz over Mary Nolan for Council Seat #1, roughly mirroring those candidates citywide numbers.

Likewise, Foster went for the city’s new arts tax, which passed with a slightly larger margin here than elsewhere.



  1. Don’t forget the nearly 6% for “other” in the pres. race! That’s WAY over normal.

    • That number does jump out, doesn’t it? It’s too bad they don’t report the write-ins in detail –I’m sure they’d be pretty entertaining.

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