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Please join us in welcoming our newest contributor to Foster United, Angela Cortal, ND. She will be writing about healthy living in and around our fine Southeast.  If you didn’t catch the profile last week, click here. In the meantime, TADA…

Got Fitness? Mt. Scott Community Center Fitness Fair

Yes, like you, I’ve noticed it’s grey, dreary, lightly raining and cold(ish) outside.  But if we wait to exercise until it’s 70s and sunny out, we’ll only be active in July and August.  And that just leads to a whole host of problems I’m sure you’re all too familiar with (expanding waistline, plummeting mood, irregular sleep, muscle aches, joint pains and worsening stress and anxiety are on the top of the list). Working with people to establish and improve their health is my job, and the most fulfilling occupation I could ever think of having.  In the fall months I often see the morale dropping off with the daylight hours, but that doesn’t mean our activity levels should suffer.  When the “don’t wanna” thoughts creep in, we need to throw them a curve ball.

Try something new, be active and have fun.  Okay, but how? And what?

Did you know that Mt. Scott Community Center is holding their annual Fitness Fair next month?  Come on by Saturday, January 12th 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and learn about new ways to get and stay healthy as well as find out all about the programs, classes and more that our local community center offers.  You probably know about their swimming pool, basketball court and weight room, but did you know that they also offer many fitness classes, such as archery, Tai Chi and bouldering? Too bad the last one’s for kids only (ages 4-6), that sounds like a new fun way to stay active when it’s cold and dark outside.

Swing by the Fitness Fair and meet folks who make it their job to keep our community healthy, active and engaged.  There will be raffle prizes, fitness specials (get 20% off the already reasonably priced 3-month and annual passes) and fun, free events and offerings.

But wait, there’s more.

There will be a number of healthcare practitioners coming from the neighborhood (including myself), who will be providing introductory services like chair massages, hormone imbalance assessments, blood pressure checks and more because they want to meet you and let you know where in the local community you can find services beyond those at the Mt. Scott Community Center.  So join me for a day of fun, and don’t forget to stop on by my table and say hi.  Did I mention it’s all free?  Let’s have fun and stay active together.



Saturday, January 12th

10am to 1 pm

Mt. Scott Community Center

5530 SE 72nd Ave, Portland OR 97206

Angela Cortal, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor who runs Rose City Health Clinic, a healthcare practice in the Foster-Powell neighborhood.  She is as passionate about her neighborhood and community involvement as she is about health and healing using natural medicine (and that’s a lot).  During the day she sees patients for a variety of concerns such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression and thyroid concerns.  During her off time you may see her at the Green Lents Community Tool library, biking around the neighborhood or hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.  Please check out to learn more about her and her practice.


  1. Thanks Angela! We’re looking forward to your contributions to Foster United!

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