Foster Green is Here to Stay

Yesterday, Portland City Council issued a resolution “recognizing” five EcoDistricts in the City, including our own Foster Green.

The emerging group has spent years establishing a functional process to coordinate the efforts of the EcoDistrict partners working in the community (partners like Zenger Farms, Audobon Society, ROSE CDC, and more).

 It’s not totally clear what yesterday’s announcement means for our ecodistrict, but key items in the resolution point to enhanced City-level support:

  • Offer city assistance for ecodistrict issues
  • Financing to support ongoing ecodistrict implementation
  • Locate “clean tech’ cluster firms in the ecodistrict
  • Identify district-scale redevelopment opportunities

We’ve been critical in the past over the ambiguity of what Foster Green does, but we wish them the best. Opportunities to increase the energy efficiency of our homes, the options for how we get around, and the amenities available to us locally are all great goals for our community, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor.

If you’d like to learn more behind the goals of an EcoDistrict, check out the EcoDistrict Framework presentation.

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