Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not only because it’s an excuse to dress up silly, but because it encourages friendly neighborhoods  Tonight the families of Foster will bear the slightly cold and wet weather to walk down the street with their kids and knock on the doors of all the neighbors on the block. Some of these neighbors they see every day, others they may only get to talk with on rare occasions. Tonight, we’re all neighbors.

But even if you’re not into the kid-friendly candy land trick-or-treating, FU’s got you covered:

Cartlandia (82nd & Springwater Trail)

Haloween at Cartlandia! 4-7 pm treats from the carts for everyone in costumes! free hot apple cider in the family friendly bar.

Torta-landia (60th)

From their Facebook page: The boys and girls from Knowhere Productions will be here to give us all a little entertainment as the spooks and ghouls roam our neighborhood.

Bar Carlo (64th)

Movie Night at Bar Carlo brings us Halloween (6 pm) and Halloween 2 (8pm)

The Lion’s Eye (82nd & Woodstock)

Their haunted house is still up! Haunted games and more.

New Copper Penny (92nd)

$1,000 Costume Contest – based on audience response, so bring your loudest friends. Starts at 8 pm.



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