Home brew, Parks and Parties

Whoa, that was a long week. With the kids entering winter break, jobs to be worked, and Santa on his way in, the holiday season tends to put folks on the stressed end of the spectrum. Lucky for us, this weekend offers a sweet little break from the chaos. The following events are cause for celebration:

Foster Art Night (FAN)

It’s the final FAN of the 2012. If you haven’t had a chance to partake in the fun we suggest you take a look at some of the stunning images of FAN’s past and join us.

You are cordially invited…

A little neighborhood lovin and gifts galore await us this Saturday, we hope you all can make it. If not for the tasty brews, do it for the free food.

In case you missed it this week:

Congratulations are due to the folks over at the Green Lents Tool Library and the Wikman-Arleta Building Project for raising funds and a little cheer last weekend. Both benefits were successful and a blast to be had. If you have yet to check out either of these great neighborhood projects, we urge you to do so. All are welcome and encouraged to get involved.

Welcome to the neighborhood Flotsam and Jetson. According to the Facebook page , these fine folks will be opening their doors to the public on Saturday between the hours of 1 and 7. We are super excited to see what they’ve come up with for our little houses and gardens.

Farewell Knuckleheads . While there is no indication of what might replace our favorite Foster biker bar, we are happy to hear that the owners are moving on happily with a promise of a new non-profit and future successes.

Da’hui has had a makeover! Stop in when you get a chance, it’s a treat to see the new space.

According to Eater PDX the beloved Sweetness Bakery space will be replaced with the Lily Day Cafe. The former owners of Dots Cafe are said to be the new owners and that’s well, super exciting.

Above the Rest Home Brewing (Foster & 80th) has a GROUPON available currently. They are offering a professional home-brew kit with a class, equipment, and your choice of ingredients. This is the perfect gift for home brew newbies, valued at $122.65, the GROUPON saves you some dollars at $59.00.

and finally,

if you have yet to complete the Laurelwood Park Survey , we suggest you do so. It’s a way to voice your opinions on the future of this fine space. The survey closes on the 16th, so get in there. (psst. put in a good word for Abe Lincoln).

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