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FUbadge03When Foster United started in the summer of 2012, we were mostly sure that our readership would consist of us four, so when the numbers started to increase, we were beyond pleasantly surprised and we adjusted accordingly. As we gear up for 2014, we find ourselves in a similar position, only this time there are far more stories to tell, events/meetings to attend, and neighborhood champions to applaud; hence, expansion.

If you are a community-minded writer, artist, or planner-extraordinaire seeking to share your stories in a medium such as this, we’d love to hear from you.



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  1. Traci Stenson Hildner says:

    Hey – I’m a 13-year resident of Foster-Powell and really love this neighborhood. I’m a teacher, dancer, stage manager, cook, gardener, organizer and host – with hopes of one day owning a business in the FoPo neighborhood. (We call it “FoPow!” at my house.) I’m always interested in opportunities to learn more about, or be more involved in, my community. I’d like to learn more about what you’re looking for ~

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