Literally the Only Road on the East Side

Have you ever wondered why we’re on Foster Road, and not Foster Bouelvard?  Due to some twist of historic fate, our main street is literally the only major street east of the river to use the “Road” street name.


Laurelwood-ParkIn 1957, neighbors banded together to see the “outdated” Foster Road renamed as Foster Boulevard, to reflect a status on par with Hawthorne Boulevard. The effort did not succeed.

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5 Responses to Literally the Only Road on the East Side

  1. Nicole says:

    Maybe you’ve hit on a new slogan! “Foster – the ONLY major road on the east side” Ha!

  2. Cora Potter says:

    I like the Road designation. It’s a reminder of our agrarian past and that Foster was a part or our landscape before we were a part of the the city

  3. Lee says:

    Gee let’s find an obscure historical person and demand the city to change the name you know like Cesar Chavez “that just passed thru the city”, Rosa Parks and King that has never been to this city or a rich guy like Naito. I say Adolf Hitler or Genghis Khan.

    • Nick FalboNick Falbo says:

      Foster Rd is already named after an obscure historical person: Philip Foster, an early pioneer who had a farm near Eagle Creek.

      • Cora Potter says:

        Maybe we need to start organizing “See All of Foster Road” tours. We could do a picnic lunch at Foster Farm.

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