Marysville Opening Grows Near

Marysville Elementary at SE Raymond St & 76th caught fire in 2010, and it’s closure has left a void in the Foster area neighborhoods. Since the fire, students from Lents, Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott Arleta travel each day to the Rose City Park neighborhood in NE to attend their relocated “Marysville NE.”

But the day grows nearer when Foster will have another elementary school again. Crews are wrapping up construction for the January 7th 2013 opening.

Volunteers Needed

Marysville SUN school program is seeking volunteers to help with the move. If you can help, Contact them through their volunteer site.

“SUN Marysville Elementary offers low-cost, educationally enriching after-school classes for students in kindergarten through 8th grade and their families.
Support local students and put your holiday spirit to great use by helping teachers pack up classrooms at Marysville’s NE location on Friday 12/14. Then help unpack and organize supplies at the SE location on Wednesday 1/2, Thursday 1/3 and Friday 1/4. Volunteers must be available on all 4 days.”

Latest News

On November 13th, Portland Public School administrators met with marysville parents and community members to brief them on the update.  The meeting covered progress at Marysville SE, important future dates and pre-move details for parents.  Check out the presentation for the update.

Upcoming Events

There are three opportunities for neighbors and parents to check out the rebuilt school.

Public Site Tour –  December 8th  10 a.m.-12 p.m.

This tour will be an opportunity to see completed construction in advance of the school move. Stay tuned for more details and a flyer soon.

Marysville Open House – January 4th  3 p.m.-5 p.m.

With the move completed, this will be an opportunity for students and families to see the school and find their classrooms before school starts on Monday, January 7th.

Grand Opening Celebration – January 17th

Join us to celebrate the school’s grand re-opening and return to the Marysville community! More details to come.

To keep up to date on progess in the coming month, follow the Marysville Rebuild Website


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