Meet your Neighbors – Courtesy of the PDC

VideoWe’ve got a semi-regular “Meet Your Neighbors” feature here at Foster United where you can learn more about the people, places and movers and shakers in the neighborhood. To take it up a notch, we’ve wanted to do a video version of the interview, but we haven’t had the time to get all of the starts to align.

Well, we snooze, we lose. We were scooped by none other than the PDC! (How embarrassing). Maybe this will get us off our asses and actually make it happen. :)

This video was put together as part of the PDC led FLIP effort. FLIP is the nickname of a collaborative group of city bureaus, all working together along Foster Road to make our neighborhood awesome. But they need your help to know what is awesome to you. You can tell them in a number of ways:


The PDC has prepared an Online Town Hall for collecting stories and priorities from neighborhood residents. Log on, submit, and tell your story.

OpenHouseIn Person:

The last of three FLIP Open Houses is happening Thursday February 28th, 6:30pm, at the Wikman-Arleta Building (4420 Southeast 64th Avenue). This is the BIG ONE, and it represents the bulk of the public testimony about the options being presented. If you care about the issues and options they are presenting, this is the best place to be heard.

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