New Nature, Trails for Foster

Around 108th & Foster, Lents Floods. The annual rainy season brings a regular risk for the homes and businesses in the low lying floodplain area. The City of Portland considers the risk of flooding to be such a barrier to economic development in the area that resolving flood issues is one of the key pillars of the Foster Lents Integrated Partnership (FLIP) planning.

Their answer: embrace it.

The “East Lents Floodplains” have been a long time coming, but they’re almost here, bringing stability from floods and more access to nature for our communities. This is one of the most beautiful and functional public works projects going on in the area, and the benefits to the surrounding community can already be seen.

The project restores what was  partially developed acreage with houses,  industry and unimproved streets into a unified piece of nature once again. Benefits of the project include:

  • Adds flood storage
  • Reduces the frequency of flooding on Foster Road, area homes and businesses
  • Improves habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife
  • Recreates stream channels and shade the creek
  • Provides trail access through the area

January 2012 was the first real test of the site, when heavy rains that would normally flood the neighborhood were kept at bay within the flood storage area.

A New Trail

Beyond storing water, the site also acts a spur of the Springwater Corridor trail. It provides a ‘missing link’ from the Springwater to the local neighborhood surrounding Leach Botanical Garden.


The City of Portland’s official project website for more information.









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