A Lunar New Year Gallery and your Weekend Events

Before we head into your weekend happenings below, we’d like to take a moment to offer up a special thanks to the Holgate Library for hosting their annual Lunar New Year celebration.  If you missed it, just click on the slideshow!


Welcome the The Second Annual 2 day “Winter Blues” Music Festival to Foster Road’s Bobwhite Theatre featuring 13  blues, rock, and zydeco bands.  Food, drinks, doors at 3:30.

If just one blues band will do you, Gemini has Patrick Dull & the Bridgetown Blues in the house.

Maybe behind the mic is more your style?  Join the friendly crowd down at Dusty’s Karaoke every Friday night with an early 8pm start.

Or meet up with Capoeira Angola Palmares of FoPo who host many classes in the area, including a Friday class at Foster Fitness 7-8:45pm.  Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art and dance in which two players dance together in a circle, alternating attack and defense, in a fluid movement to traditional instruments and singing Portuguese lyrics.  Wow, who knew?  Add it your regular Foster Road Friday!


Do you dream of pocket parks, urban orchards, or alley gardens? If yes, you’ll definitely want to register for Southeast Uplift’s Sustainability Workshop: Greenspace & Working with the city.  You will hear how unique projects were accomplished from the urban innovators themselves!

If you’d like to learn more about this year’s FoPo Garden Tour taking place Saturday June 15th, garden host veterans will be at the Lily Day Cafe from 9:30-11:30 to answer questions and sign up volunteers.

Pageturners returns to the Holgate Library with the annual Everybody Reads community wide book discussion.  This year features Sherman Alexie’s short story collection Ten Little Indians.

It’s Chick Day at Birds & Bees Nursery, as if baby chicks aren’t enough, there will be free crafts and snacks too.  Or register for Miniature Gardens at Dennis 7 Dees and delight your backyard faeries.

 Collages-001Saturday Night

lgabday Foster Art Night is back!  A brave group art loving enthusiasts engage in an epic journey down Foster every 3rd Saturday, taking in the creative inspirations and cocktails along the route.

This Saturday includes a Piano Bar Night at Torta-landia and Aaron McDonnell & The Gospel Plow at the Gemini Lounge.

The journey continues down Foster to the Eagle Eye Tavern to celebrate LGA Creative’s 7th birthday with Hello Lobster and dancing.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!  Hope to see you out and about.

Meet Your Local Acupunk

Written by Dr. Angela Cortal

Over these past two months, I’ve been sharing my own experience, knowledge and perspective on keeping healthy in the neighborhood.  This time, I thought I’d turn it over for of the “acupunks” at Working Class Acupuncture (WCA) to tell you a little about their operation.  I figured I would bother him for you, ask a lot of questions that others might not so we can all know more about this community resource. (more…)

The Lily Day Cafe is Open!

foster small biz-001Our hearts and bellies didn’t have to go empty for long after Sweetness closed it’s doors because The Lily Day Cafe has arrived!  Welcome sisters Monica and Jennifer who have brought with them an entire lifetime of love for the neighborhood and an impressive 20 years of experience in community restauranteering from their beloved Dot’s Cafe on SE Clinton.  We can thank Kay’s brownies that these two found their way to the old Sweetness location!  Monica and Jennifer were charmed by the space during the regular stops by Sweetness for the brownies they offered up at Dot’s.  After selling Dot’s, they were excited to start a new cafe close to home and to where their kids go to school; a place with a strong community vibe where they could create a special spot for the neighborhood. (more…)

Meet your Neighbors: Kathleen Lansing


old_photo2Kathleen Lansing

Lansing Linoleum Co., Inc.

7307 SE Foster Rd. Portland, OR 97206

What do you do?

We have been selling and installing all kinds of floor covering on Foster Rd. since 1948.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
My father Glenn Lansing founded the company in 1948. I have been working with the company since 1976, and I am always inspired by the excitement that my customers feel when they are working on remodeling their homes. It is a pleasure to be part of the process.

What brought you and/or your business to this fine community?
My father chose this location because it was located close our family home on 122 and SE Foster. I’ve always lived close to the store and I’m still happy with the short commute. We are still happy here on Foster. I love the diversity and relaxed livability of our neighborhood.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster and it’s neighboring communities
1. Patronize local business so we can be an economically viable neighborhood.
2. Share community news on community oriented web-sites and blogs.
3. Attend community events.

How do you envision the future of your neighborhood?
I was the chair of the original Lents Town Center Urban Renewal committee in 1995-97. It’s great to see some of the progress that was made in downtown Lents. Improvement in our infrastructure and improvements to existing commercial properties will have a positive impact on the street. I am delighted to see an increase in community involvement by new and long-time residents.

Your Top Haunts in Portland
Red’s Tavern for Heidi’s ribs and pasta.
Holgate Library
Eastport Starbucks.
Reflexology massage at Fubon shopping center.

Cheers to New Traditions and Your Weekend!

I’d like to start some new traditions.  Nothing against the holidays I’ve spent my life celebrating, but I think it’s time to start adopting some new ones.  Take our New Year’s Eve; there’s nothing wrong with a champagne toast at midnight, but the New Year Day’s hangover, and return to work just leaves me feeling a little dissatisfied.  This year I will be observing the Chinese New Year with the fine 10% of my neighbors (according to the 2010 census data for 97206) that will be celebrating with me.  Sunday will be the start of 15 days of taking part in China’s longest and most important festival of the year!

There is much to do in the days before, including getting ready with a traditional house cleaning, sweeping away any bad luck of the proceeding year and making ready for good luck!  What else?  Symbolize a fresh start by buying something or getting a haircut, decorate with paper cutouts, pay off all debts (! these include debts of gratitude, I’ll focus on those), burn all decorations off home altars and redecorate (It’s about time I get a home altar), host a reunion dinner feast, light the first incense of the year and offer a prayer for a prosperous year, forgive all grudges, reconcile, and wish peace and happiness to everyone.  Day 1 starts promptly at midnight with hearty noise making to scare away any evil spirits, a karaoke party at the house should take care of that.  Sunday is dedicating to honoring and visiting with family elders, I’ll make sure to call my grandma!

If you all aren’t busy getting ready to usher in the year of the black water snake, here’s your weekend roundup!


Try out some adventuresome home cooking with live Geoduck clams from OM Seafood.  Native to the Pacific Northwest, these alien looking beauties can live over 100 years and weigh 3 lbs on average. Cooking tips  Or, grab the burger of the week at The Lodge with live music by Kenny Lavitz or a creative cocktail at Gemini Lounge to the sounds of Brown Erbe.


Somaphile is always ready to expand your mind and will this week with Your Moon Sign: Healing the Feminine Within, $45.00  Register here.  Defense Arts Northwest kindly welcomes you to a free kids class Saturday at 10:00 AM.  For the early taskmasters, get some Tax Help at the Woodstock Library 12-5. Sign-up for same-day appointments starts at 10 a.m.  Learn how to reproduce plants in your own garden, saving money and sharing gifts through plant propagation with Easy Fruit Propagation Workshop at Zenger Farm.  $10-25 sliding scale  1-3pm.  Come Socialize with your neighbors and learn the results of the Neighborhood Survey at the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Party  Food, Drinks and Music. 3:30-5:30 pm.

taborthresholdSaturday Night

Don’t miss the Open House for Dr. Angela who so kindly shares her insights on healthy living right here on Foster United!  Come for the hors d’oeuvres, stay for the company and the chair massage and small gifts for all who attend, 7-9pm.  The Gemini Lounge welcomes back Welfare and the The Vermen‘s blues, roots rock, swing and surf band music will get you on the dance floor at The Lodge.  Bring in the Chinese New Year with a Portland twist at the Mt. Tabor Theater’s Chinese New Year Celebration with the Garcia Birthday Band and Cats Under the Stars.  This next one goes to 4:00 am folks and is a Benefit for the Oregon Acupuncture and Naturopathic Associations:  Threshold: Black Water Snake 新年快樂  From their invitation: “The theme encourages discovery of balance in the feminine and masculine energies; within ourselves, our relationships, our communities and the world at large. The Black Water Snake is intuitive, a socially adventurous spirit that loves taking risks. Explore the balance and charm your way into the new year.  Asian-inspired dress highly encouraged”…


The Montavilla’s Farmers Market is back! 11:00am-1:00pm farm and producer-direct meet-up.  You will have 2 full weeks to Celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Lan Su Chinese Garden with all day, every day activities: music, martial arts, calligraphy, dragon dance, an amazing calendar full of events through Sunday Feb. 24.  ”The Walking Dead,” returns to the Eagle Eye on Sunday nights! As always, there will be an early viewing at 6:00pm and again at 9:00pm, both on the projector & speakers!  It’s Kittyoke at the Bobwhite Theatre with KJ Lauren maximizing frivolity on the big stage.  Costumes, props, performance art encouraged. It is on the big stage so you can give it your all. 6pm

In closing, and in keeping with my new holiday, I would like to wish you all peace and happiness and a beautiful weekend until next year!  May the black water snake be kind to you and yours…

February Greetings from Terraccord Landscapes

Please welcome our newest Contributor, John Movius of Terraccord Landscapes. John will be checking in with us time and again to share his green thumb wisdom. 

February, you freakin’ Flirt!

Swollen buds, sprouting bulbs, and the occasional honeybee taking stock during our fleeting explosions of sun.  And then…back to dark winterish days. It can be exciting, but as with any flirt, can present some confusion on what to do next.

witch-hazel 1

Are you noticing some unusual things going on in your garden?  Me too. It’s not just the usual stirrings this time of year.  It’s the result of the milder winter we had. For those of you who launched new gardens last year, our milder winter was a gift for all those tender new plants.

The biggest challenge this winter has been, not surprisingly, heavy rains and winds.  How bout those whistling night winds?!  Makes one grateful to have a home to go home to. This time of increased dormancy is a gift as it allows us to observe some of the larger cycles at play. Take stock now of which areas in your yard or garden collected water in the heavy rains.  Are there some places where the plants look like it was never winter, while other areas look completely dormant?  There might even be some places that are dry to the touch, even in February.  Make note now before all the growth of spring and summer makes it harder to access the soil.

Because of the mild winter, it can be confusing to know which plants to cut back and which to leave be.  For example, your perennial geranium or even a fuschia might look fantastic right now.  It would seem harsh to cut it back. What to do?  The short answer is, don’t worry!  It’s not a huge deal.  If you cut them back now, you’ll get a more typical bloom season.  If you let them be, you might get 2 or 3 bloom seasons out of them this year, assuming you cut them back after bloom, but the bloom times might be different than you are used to, which could lead to some interesting new combinations in your garden.  For edible fruiting plants, it’s a different story, and is better off left on a case by case basis.

This is a great time to work another round of bone meal into the soil near your spring bulbs.  I like to mix some alfalfa meal in as well for a gentle nitrogen boost. Be careful as most bulbs have begun sprouting and it takes barely the swing of a pinky to snap off the new sprout. They’re tough buggers, but still…I like to pay some respect.

Another thing to keep on the radar is weed control. You might just be battling grass shoots, or you might have some more interesting, valuable, and/or edible weeds like peppercress, plantain, dandelion, or henbit.  Mulch is the way to go. You’ll really f*ck with the head of that neighborhood squirrel, whose exact coordinates for that buried chestnut will be gone for good, but she’ll still outwit you in the end. Use a blend of soft compost with harder woody debris such as fir or hemlock chips.

It’s also not too late to apply dormant spray to your fruit trees. Make your own at home to avoid the excess petroleum in most commercial grade products. I like this free handout from the Sierra Club of Canada on homemade sprays – check it out here.


Lastly, I have to mention roses.  2012 was a fantastic year for roses, amen? You might notice yours beginning to leaf out with new leaves after taking a brief rest in December and January.  Now is a good time to cut them back, especially if you didn’t cut them back earlier in the season. The prize for that thorny work is rose hips! It’s still a great time to collect rose hips for tasty tea, or just to snack on raw (including the seeds – eat those nutritious seeds inside the hip meat too). The best hips taste much like a sweet, ripe persimmon. Give them a shot. Tell em I say hi.

Peaceful wishes from Terraccord Landscapes. And remember- there’s no rush, even if February makes us feel motivated to ‘do’ more than ever before.

See you soon.



In accordance with the Earth.





Meet your Neighbors: Michael Schildmeyer

7457549Michael Schildmeyer
Defense Arts Northwest
6420 SE Foster

Who are you?
I am a Third Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate; hold rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and practice Muay Thai Kickboxing and various other arts. I love the martial arts, helping people feel better about themselves, teaching self defense, and positively affecting as many lives as possible. I am the owner of and chief instructor at Defense Arts Northwest

What do you do?
I teach several forms of martial arts, self defense, and workout programs. I believe you get what you give in this world and I am determined to help build a strong community for everyone, one person at a time if I have to. The lives I have helped in my time as a martial arts instructor (and all that goes with that including: life coach, counselor, mentor, personal trainer, friend) have truly inspired me and shown me that what once was only a personal passion has now become a tool to affect great change.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
I may be repeating myself a bit…sorry :) I love teaching, passing on knowledge. I am passionate about helping people, weather its gaining confidence by learning self defense, improving health and happiness by losing weight, introducing someone to a new group of amazing people in our classes, giving a kid the tools to control his/her energy and improve concentration in school, or simply teaching someone a fun and exciting form of martial arts. I always wanted to make a difference with my life, and while I won’t likely gain international fame or immense riches with my chosen profession, I will be able to help a few people at least lead better, more fulfilled lives. And its fun!

What brought you and/or your business to this fine community?
I like the people here. I learned Foster was a great neighborhood but still had a few rough edges here and there and I figured this would be a great community to make my own and to affect some positive influence on. I love watching the empty buildings come back to life with new businesses; it has been especially enjoyable to watch the old theater across the street become active again.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster and it’s neighboring communities
I love the idea of planning regular neighborhood parties at local restaurants or businesses. Community build day. Not sure the logistics of something like this but let’s take one of these old building, one that has a big history in the community, the owner pays for all the materials and buys some food maybe. Invite everyone from the community to come out, pitch in to renovate the place, or just hang out and talk and have a good time. (Not too feasible I know but wouldn’t it be great to say you helped to build this community…literally!) Spread the word on the resources for preventing graffiti. Then organize some events centered on creating more murals in the neighborhood. Maybe even put an invite out for street artists (taggers) to come together and create a pc, socially acceptable mural showcasing their skills.

How do you envision the future of your neighborhood?
I see all these empty building filling up with new businesses. New paint, new signs, new attractions and shops coming into the neighborhood. This is a great little part of town and as more and more friendly people move into it they will attract their like. Right now there is great opportunity for growth for any new business here and the further we get into the economic recovery the more people will see that.

Some top fives to appease the list lovers Your Top 5 Songs to get you through a life?
Anything by James Taylor, Tom Petty, or Neil Young; love those guys. Anything with a fast beat to work out to. Anything positive; no need for depressing music.
Tom Petty – Last DJ
Neil Young – Harvest Moon
James Taylor – That’s Why I’m Here
David Wilcox – Farthest Shore
Anything by the Decemberists

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland
Los Gorditos food cart on Division and 50th.
Ecole De Budo martial arts and tea on Chicago in St Johns
Bar Carlo on Foster (best burgers ever)
LA Fitness in the Eastport Plaza
Mississippi Ave.


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