Preview of Big Fish River, the New Game from Foster’s Red Castle Games

red_castle_1Red Castle has been selling games and hosting tournaments on Foster since March 2010. Now they’re moving into publishing their own games, starting with Big Fish River, a great board game for kids and everybody else.

They’re currently running a kickstarter campaign through January 17 to raise the funds to bring the game to market, which they expect to happen in May.

Co-owner Matthew Mičetić was kind enough to sit down and play a few rounds of Big Fish River with me. (more…)

Meet your Neighbors: Foster Row

1486757_1438208816393362_662153319_aMeet the folks behind Foster Row, coming to our fine road in 2014.

Who are you?
Mark Pendergrass is a Woodworker from Kansas. He moved to Portland in 2006 to pursue a career in furniture design and manufacturing. Jennifer Erickson is a textile weaver. She moved to Portland in 2007 from Minneapolis, MN.

What do you do?
Foster Row is a place for creative entrepreneurs to work alongside each other and be a source of inspiration and collaboration. Based in the historic YMCA building, Foster Row includes a full woodshop, textile studio, and retail showroom. As the neighborhood moves through a period of redevelopment Foster Row aims to serve as a hub for community events.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
Our goal is to create a communal working environment for our businesses and other small businesses to grow together. Rather than hiring employees, we will collaborate with other skilled entrepreneurs to create our unique line of home furnishings. We will also host events to draw attention to our businesses and establish Foster Row as a permanent fixture in the community.

What brought you and/or your business to this fine community?
We are excited about the direction we see this neighborhood moving in, and appreciate how down-to-earth everyone is here. There is a strong sense of pride that folks feel for the Foster neighborhood and the dedication to continue to build community.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster and it’s neighboring communities
1. We want to offer our 5,000 square foot space for hosting community events
2. We really like the idea of a Foster Card system to tie together local businesses.
3. Beautify the neighborhoods and encourage pedestrian traffic

How do you envision the future of your neighborhood?
We see our neighborhood drawing in more community and family-oriented businesses/organizations.


Introducing Oregon’s newest State Senator, Michael Dembrow

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Dembrow was appointed to the Oregon State Senate after three terms in the House.

Earlier this year, when Senator Jackie Dingfelder stepped down from the Legislature to work for Mayor Charlie Hales, Michael sought and won the appointment to serve the remainder of her term in the Senate.

senatordembrow2014In the process, he inherited about 60,000 new constituents, including almost all the residents of South Tabor, Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta, plus a sizable chunk of Lents.

He was kind enough to talk with Foster United about what motivates his political involvement, where he sees this part of Southeast Portland going, and how he intends to engage with 60,000 new constituents who may not know him yet. (more…)

Join us

FUbadge03When Foster United started in the summer of 2012, we were mostly sure that our readership would consist of us four, so when the numbers started to increase, we were beyond pleasantly surprised and we adjusted accordingly. As we gear up for 2014, we find ourselves in a similar position, only this time there are far more stories to tell, events/meetings to attend, and neighborhood champions to applaud; hence, expansion.

If you are a community-minded writer, artist, or planner-extraordinaire seeking to share your stories in a medium such as this, we’d love to hear from you.



The Future of Portland at Your Fingertips

CoverThe City of Portland is updating it’s citywide master plan, with major implications to the Foster Rd neighborhoods.

The plan is called the Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) and it covers zoning, building codes, affordable housing policy, parking requirements, transit plans, transportation, open space and more.

Until the end of December, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is accepting comments on the plan via the interactive Comp Plan Map App. In the post below, I’ll present what the plan tells us, and show you how to submit comments.

Access the map here: (more…)

Ne Si’Ka Pay What You Can Restaurant Planned in Lents

A unique new “pay what you can” food concept is hoping to call Lents home (a previously reported here on FosterUnited.) Organizers are busy with fundraising and gathering equipment, and there are a couple opportunities for interested neighbors to help bring this vision to reality. We sat down with Director of Operations/General Manager James Layton to find out more about what we can expect on the ground.



The future of FAN, fun stuff

Foster Art Night  needs your help in 2014. What began as a simple stroll down Foster road in 2012 has now become a night of neighbors making friends amid live music, libations, and art.


fanIn the great fashion of supporting one another and promoting our Foster district community, we have decided to take FAN up a notch in 2014. If you would like to assist in coordination, idea making, fundraising, and/or art making, we’d love to hear from you. Planning is underway now. Please contact us here at for more details. (more…)