Reduce, Reuse Foster Resources

I’ve just discovered this cool City of Portland map for locating “Resourceful” services in Portland:

Be Resourceful Interactive Map

We’ve got a few items listed off Foster around 82nd, but this is clearly missing some of the great DIY resources available in our neighborhoods. Using their submission form, I’ve submitted the Community Tool Library in Lents Town Center to be added to their list.  The Foster area has so many more undiscovered treasures, lets make sure we put Foster on the map.

See anything missing from the map? Submit it here!

One question remains, does Artistic Taxidermy count as re-use or recycling?


  1. Artistic Taxidermy is re-use. You’re re-using a carcass as decor.

    Ralph Miles! They definitely need to be added. There’s also that kids resale store at 80th and Foster – I don’t remember what it’s called.

  2. I think the Kids store closed. It’s a home brewing supply store now.

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