Cheers to New Traditions and Your Weekend!

I’d like to start some new traditions.  Nothing against the holidays I’ve spent my life celebrating, but I think it’s time to start adopting some new ones.  Take our New Year’s Eve; there’s nothing wrong with a champagne toast at midnight, but the New Year Day’s hangover, and return to work just leaves me feeling a little dissatisfied.  This year I will be observing the Chinese New Year with the fine 10% of my neighbors (according to the 2010 census data for 97206) that will be celebrating with me.  Sunday will be the start of 15 days of taking part in China’s longest and most important festival of the year!

There is much to do in the days before, including getting ready with a traditional house cleaning, sweeping away any bad luck of the proceeding year and making ready for good luck!  What else?  Symbolize a fresh start by buying something or getting a haircut, decorate with paper cutouts, pay off all debts (! these include debts of gratitude, I’ll focus on those), burn all decorations off home altars and redecorate (It’s about time I get a home altar), host a reunion dinner feast, light the first incense of the year and offer a prayer for a prosperous year, forgive all grudges, reconcile, and wish peace and happiness to everyone.  Day 1 starts promptly at midnight with hearty noise making to scare away any evil spirits, a karaoke party at the house should take care of that.  Sunday is dedicating to honoring and visiting with family elders, I’ll make sure to call my grandma!

If you all aren’t busy getting ready to usher in the year of the black water snake, here’s your weekend roundup!


Try out some adventuresome home cooking with live Geoduck clams from OM Seafood.  Native to the Pacific Northwest, these alien looking beauties can live over 100 years and weigh 3 lbs on average. Cooking tips  Or, grab the burger of the week at The Lodge with live music by Kenny Lavitz or a creative cocktail at Gemini Lounge to the sounds of Brown Erbe.


Somaphile is always ready to expand your mind and will this week with Your Moon Sign: Healing the Feminine Within, $45.00  Register here.  Defense Arts Northwest kindly welcomes you to a free kids class Saturday at 10:00 AM.  For the early taskmasters, get some Tax Help at the Woodstock Library 12-5. Sign-up for same-day appointments starts at 10 a.m.  Learn how to reproduce plants in your own garden, saving money and sharing gifts through plant propagation with Easy Fruit Propagation Workshop at Zenger Farm.  $10-25 sliding scale  1-3pm.  Come Socialize with your neighbors and learn the results of the Neighborhood Survey at the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Party  Food, Drinks and Music. 3:30-5:30 pm.

taborthresholdSaturday Night

Don’t miss the Open House for Dr. Angela who so kindly shares her insights on healthy living right here on Foster United!  Come for the hors d’oeuvres, stay for the company and the chair massage and small gifts for all who attend, 7-9pm.  The Gemini Lounge welcomes back Welfare and the The Vermen‘s blues, roots rock, swing and surf band music will get you on the dance floor at The Lodge.  Bring in the Chinese New Year with a Portland twist at the Mt. Tabor Theater’s Chinese New Year Celebration with the Garcia Birthday Band and Cats Under the Stars.  This next one goes to 4:00 am folks and is a Benefit for the Oregon Acupuncture and Naturopathic Associations:  Threshold: Black Water Snake 新年快樂  From their invitation: “The theme encourages discovery of balance in the feminine and masculine energies; within ourselves, our relationships, our communities and the world at large. The Black Water Snake is intuitive, a socially adventurous spirit that loves taking risks. Explore the balance and charm your way into the new year.  Asian-inspired dress highly encouraged”…


The Montavilla’s Farmers Market is back! 11:00am-1:00pm farm and producer-direct meet-up.  You will have 2 full weeks to Celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Lan Su Chinese Garden with all day, every day activities: music, martial arts, calligraphy, dragon dance, an amazing calendar full of events through Sunday Feb. 24.  “The Walking Dead,” returns to the Eagle Eye on Sunday nights! As always, there will be an early viewing at 6:00pm and again at 9:00pm, both on the projector & speakers!  It’s Kittyoke at the Bobwhite Theatre with KJ Lauren maximizing frivolity on the big stage.  Costumes, props, performance art encouraged. It is on the big stage so you can give it your all. 6pm

In closing, and in keeping with my new holiday, I would like to wish you all peace and happiness and a beautiful weekend until next year!  May the black water snake be kind to you and yours…

Theater, Film Fests, and Big Band: The Bobwhite is Back!

The Bobwhite Theater and WarehouseIf there is one building that has the potential to connect the generations of our neighborhoods, the Bobwhite theater has that special place in the heart, history and memories of the communities spanning Foster Road.  The unassuming entry and marquee hide a vast theater and performance space, known as the Bobwhite Warehouse, and it’s bustling these days.   (more…)