Election Recap: How Did Foster Vote?

Yesterday the Multnomah County Elections office released their official results for the Nov 6 elections. At the risk of upsetting a still-election-weary populace, Foster United shares our snapshot analysis of how Fosterites voted on a handful of key races. (more…)

City of Portland to Act Soon on Vacant and Distressed Properties

The Foster area was among the hardest hit parts of the City when the housing bubble popped and foreclosures skyrocketed.

No question, the human toll of the housing crisis continues to be felt hard. Families must relocate, kids change schools and too many of our neighbors who lose a home simply don’t have anywhere else to go.

One more ripple effect of this crisis is that neighborhoods like ours are littered with homes that have been abandoned. These homes are sometimes looted by thieves looking for metal or wiring they can resell. Some of them become “party” or drug houses. Too often, they fall into disrepair, become safety and fire hazards and drag down surrounding property values.

And they can often cost the taxpayers, who bear the costs of police calls and unpaid property taxes. Where illegal activity is taking place, police officers often must spend valuable time and resources just trying to track down the responsible property owners.

An abandoned home on SE Henry Street.