TOMORROW – Your Last, Best Chance to Shape Your Neighborhood

The City of Portland is hosting a SUPER OPEN HOUSE tomorrow night to share and gather information about two major plans going on along Foster Road. We know these are kind of boring, and we know you have other things you’d rather do, but if one day you look out your window and see stuff you didn’t like, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll talk about: (more…)

Money for Foster, if We Fight For It

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) wants to give us money, but the competition is tough. Their current round of state transportation project funding has identified three projects directly relevant to our Foster neighborhoods, and we’re only going to stand out from the many other projects on the list if we can make our voice heard. That’s where you come in.

Below the project descriptions on this page are three forms, one for each Foster-area project. Please consider filling your contact information and letting ODOT know your interest in seeing one (or all) of these projects funded. (more…)

Caught on Camera and your Weekend Events

March is upon us and with it warmer and longer days.  We gain over an hour and a half of daylight this month!  Great motivation to get out and enjoy the neighborhood…

But before diving into your weekend events, here’s some photos of the Foster Corridor Investment Strategy open house this week.  Beyond the pages of plans I’m sure we’ll tackle in greater detail in a future post, it was great to see the Wikman-Arleta Building full of friends and neighbors and to be treated to amazing food from the Portland Mercado, thank you!



tt-001Celebrate Space Monkey’s 2nd year anniversary with First Friday featured Artists Alexis and Leif Jenssen, live music, pastries and a keg of of locally crafted beer by Captured by Porches.

Your live music Friday also includes Bolt Upright at Cadigan’s, Junkyard Dogs & Sonic Temple at the New Copper Penny and Rule of the Bone at The Lodge.

Movies?  But of course, kungfufridaysit’s Kung Fu Fridays double feature at Bar Carlo!  The Eunuch at 7 and The Supreme Swordsman at 9.

Comedy?  Why yes!  Check out Lezberados at the Bobwhite Theatre.  “Lezberados is a fierce and funny, hot and spicy, side-splitting comedy show featuring two of the hottest dykes on the mic working the circuit”.


tt1-001Always a favorite, don’t miss Chess at the Holgate Library Saturdays 1-4:30 pm, a local tradition since 1971.  Also, it’s the monthly first Saturday guided tour at Leach Botanical Garden 11am-noon.

Dennis 7 Dees is getting us ready for spring and sharpening up our tools, testing soil, and teaching how to prune.  No wonder we all are rockstar gardeners around here…

Friends of Trees are visiting the Montavilla and Mt. Tabor neighborhoods this weekend, bringing with them 230 trees and an army of bike riding volunteers!

Once Upon a Time Family Theatre is back with Puss ‘n Boots at Portland Metro Arts in Montavilla, just $2 for adults and $1 buck for kids.  Enjoy a “magical mix of theatrical simplicity and grand storytelling for chilidogkids and their parents.”

National Green Friends has a cure for the munchies with a chili dog feed for OMMP cardholders.  “Good people, good food, and good meds”.

Saturday Night

collage2The Lily Day Cafe is open at night!  (Friday/Saturday until 9pm) Snack on some Lipton Onion Dip and Chex Mix while sipping on creative cocktails like spirited coffees, red eye flights, salty chihuahua, or an orchard champagne cocktail.

If you haven’t been to Fujiyama yet, check out their revolving fresh sushi bar, teppanyaki shows, and deluxe rolls.  There is an upstairs lounge area featuring a full drink menu too!

Don’t forget, karaoke is alive and well around Foster Road hosted every Saturday night at the Eagle Eye and Cadigan’s Corner Bar.


Get ready for Farm Fit at Zenger Farm!  This 6 week series starts Monday March 4th-April 12th, 6-7am.  Described as “using mainly our own bodyweight and the geography of the site, we’ll strengthen the core, stabilize joints and improve posture. So come on out to the farm and let’s be great, together”.

You might have noticed we’re crazy about the Foster area: huge fans of all the great happenings and events that create community and keep the fun close to home.  If you don’t see it here, we just plain missed it!  So help us out, post comments with all your discoveries and events.  If life or work pulls us away at moments, jump on in with a shout out anytime, many thanks!  xoxo.


The Traffic Analysis Results Are (Sort of) In

Project Overview: We are 3/4 through a process to update the Foster Streetscape Plan originally created in 2003. The update aims to explore the possibility of accommodating a future streetcar, improving safety for everyone, and providing a bikeway along the street. All of these objectives are in response to recent citywide plans. One potential strategy to achieving these goals is the reconfiguration the street from a 4-lane arterial to a 3-lane arterial design. The idea of this change is a source of some controversy.

The latest Advisory Committee meeting was packed with information about the impacts of various streetscape proposals. We learned a lot, and I wanted to share my summary of the details from the meeting.  I can’t stress enough that the analysis results presented below are preliminary and incomplete. For example, results showing impacts in the evening may be different when analyzed for the morning hours, so take some of this with a grain of salt.

Meet your Neighbors – Courtesy of the PDC

VideoWe’ve got a semi-regular “Meet Your Neighbors” feature here at Foster United where you can learn more about the people, places and movers and shakers in the neighborhood. To take it up a notch, we’ve wanted to do a video version of the interview, but we haven’t had the time to get all of the starts to align.

Well, we snooze, we lose. We were scooped by none other than the PDC! (How embarrassing). Maybe this will get us off our asses and actually make it happen. :)

New Nature, Trails for Foster

Around 108th & Foster, Lents Floods. The annual rainy season brings a regular risk for the homes and businesses in the low lying floodplain area. The City of Portland considers the risk of flooding to be such a barrier to economic development in the area that resolving flood issues is one of the key pillars of the Foster Lents Integrated Partnership (FLIP) planning.

Their answer: embrace it. (more…)

The New Foster Road?

The Portland Bureau of transportation has unveiled their list of options for the Foster Road Streetscape. Keep in mind that these are not final, and we are not limited to what is shown here. I wish it were a simpler task, but the given all of the factors at play we’re left with a fairly large set of 14 options. (Even beyond this list, each option can be tweaked and adjusted into more permutations, not to mention options not even included in their analysis.)

I’ve presented all of their options below for you to look at, but the bottom line is this: we don’t have enough information to decide. (more…)

Foster Green is Here to Stay

Yesterday, Portland City Council issued a resolution “recognizing” five EcoDistricts in the City, including our own Foster Green.

The emerging group has spent years establishing a functional process to coordinate the efforts of the EcoDistrict partners working in the community (partners like Zenger Farms, Audobon Society, ROSE CDC, and more).