TOMORROW – Your Last, Best Chance to Shape Your Neighborhood

The City of Portland is hosting a SUPER OPEN HOUSE tomorrow night to share and gather information about two major plans going on along Foster Road. We know these are kind of boring, and we know you have other things you’d rather do, but if one day you look out your window and see stuff you didn’t like, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll talk about: (more…)


IconWhat Would You Like To See?

Have you ever looked at the empty lots around the neighborhood and had a brilliant idea for what it could be used for? Finally someone who can do something about it wants to hear your ideas.

The PDC has control of many empty lots on their hands, such as 72nd & Foster, and a handful of sites in the Lents Town Center, near 92nd & Foster. While the PDC has got big plans and bold visions for most parcels, some sites are just awaiting a creative spark to figure out how to best use them today. (more…)

The Other Main Street: 82nd Avenue

 While we’re still in the midst of discussions about the future of Foster Road, the whispers of improving another street in need are just beginning. If neighborhood activists get their way, 82nd Avenue will be next on the list for a major revamp.

For better or for worse, Foster neighborhoods are also 82nd Avenue neighborhoods. Foster-Powell’s unique shape means that half of their population lives about 1/2 mile from  82nd Ave. One of Mt. Scott-Arleta’s most beloved bars, the Lion’s Eye, fronts 82nd Ave. And Lents, in it’s quest to be the Town Center of the future, needs to bring people across the 82nd divide. This can be challenging given the physical barrier the street poses.


The Case For the Foster Bikeway

The following is an open letter to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA). The BTA is currently developing their advocacy agenda for the coming years as a part of their Blueprint for Better Biking update. We believe Foster Road can be a part of that plan, and be a symbol of the possibilities available to areas outside of inner Portland. If you agree, please attend their outreach event tonight at 6pm, or take their survey and write in the Foster Bikeway as a priority SE project.


Laurelwood Park Past, Future and Abe Lincoln

Neighborhood Coalition Group the Foster Green EcoDistrict has hit the ground running with active projects this week, the first being a community-driven plan to “refresh” Laurelwood Park. The triangle-shaped .42 acre park is a quiet gem in our neighborhoods, and remains underutilized outside of large events such as Fun on Foster. This vision will be the stepping stone to ask for funding for implementation, and it is important to have broad community support and input. Do you have new ideas for Laurelwood Park? Want to see it stay the same? Please attend this meeting and make sure your voice is heard. (more…)

What a Difference a Lane Makes

Lents residents meet next Tuesday night for an open discussion of Foster Road, specifically to explore the prospects of lane reconfiguration as a part of the Foster Streetscape Plan. While we wait for the results of the traffic analysis to see what’s possible, neighbors might ask themselves what a smaller Foster could look like and what they could get in return. We drew some pictures of Foster at 85th,  where every inch matters. (more…)

Foster Road’s Eight Most Dangerous Hotspots: Freddy’s @ 80th

The area around Fred Meyer, specifically the crossing near 80th Avenue, has been a concern for a lot of people for a long time. But those concerns were brought home for many on the night of November 1 2009, when Lindsay Leonard and Jessica Finlay were killed crossing Foster here. (more…)

Open House Overload

Foster Corridor Investment Strategy Open House #2

DATE: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LOCATION: Lents Masonic Lodge, 5811 SE 92nd Ave


I know what you’re thinking, “Another Open House?! I just went to one the other day and sat on my ass eating cheap Costco party food.” (more…)