A Lesson on Community from my Cat Tabor

taborpics-001Nothing reminds me of spring more than Cricket doing her best pogo stick impression as she hops up and down, paws grasping at the door handle she so desperately wishes she could open.  For a mostly indoor cat, little Cricket is fearless outdoors, ambushing her large and savvy feline foes.  Her brother Tabor, on the other hand, is a strong muscular boy who communicates in high pitched soft chirps and holds a permanently alarmed look in his big round eyes.  Tabor is a true innocent; a sweetheart of a cat that loves to hug. (more…)

The Lily Day Cafe is Open!

foster small biz-001Our hearts and bellies didn’t have to go empty for long after Sweetness closed it’s doors because The Lily Day Cafe has arrived!  Welcome sisters Monica and Jennifer who have brought with them an entire lifetime of love for the neighborhood and an impressive 20 years of experience in community restauranteering from their beloved Dot’s Cafe on SE Clinton.  We can thank Kay’s brownies that these two found their way to the old Sweetness location!  Monica and Jennifer were charmed by the space during the regular stops by Sweetness for the brownies they offered up at Dot’s.  After selling Dot’s, they were excited to start a new cafe close to home and to where their kids go to school; a place with a strong community vibe where they could create a special spot for the neighborhood. (more…)

Theater, Film Fests, and Big Band: The Bobwhite is Back!

The Bobwhite Theater and WarehouseIf there is one building that has the potential to connect the generations of our neighborhoods, the Bobwhite theater has that special place in the heart, history and memories of the communities spanning Foster Road.  The unassuming entry and marquee hide a vast theater and performance space, known as the Bobwhite Warehouse, and it’s bustling these days.   (more…)

East of 60th Bike Ride

After yesterday’s post about how bicyclists spend more money than drivers, maybe you were thinking about how to get in on the action. The weather is starting to turn, so now is the best last chance to hop on your ride and go for a spin around the neighborhood.

On Facebook, the duo of Ultraman Heggem and Cora Lee Potter have organized a route for neighbors to take through the area using low-traffic, family friendly bike streets. (Don’t worry, they won’t take you onto Foster Rd).

Where: Meet at Kern Park
When: Friday, Oct 12 at 6:30 pm
What to Bring: Your bike, bike lights, and a jacket or poncho in case the rain decides to visit.

The organizers promise that the ride will be relatively short, and the plan is to end at Cartlandia (the food carts along the springwater trail.)

Open House Overload

Foster Corridor Investment Strategy Open House #2

DATE: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LOCATION: Lents Masonic Lodge, 5811 SE 92nd Ave


I know what you’re thinking, “Another Open House?! I just went to one the other day and sat on my ass eating cheap Costco party food.” (more…)

The Success of Neighborhood Branding on Foster; Challenges Still Exist

Many Foster-area neighborhoods have boosted their identities through branding and the use of logos.  But what about Foster Road as a whole?

Branding is, no doubt, a key component to a thriving commercial district.  A recent article by Neighborhood Notes, part of a series on changing perceptions of your neighborhood and/or business district, discusses how neighborhood groups can go about launching their brand while also engaging the community and creating identity.

In past articles, the series has covered how to address negative perceptions of your neighborhood, as well as ways to overcome and change those perceptions through branding.  As we’ve seen in the Lents Town Center, logos can go a long way in creating a brand, and the LTC logo has a strong ability to connect a visual cue to the area it represents.  Other neighborhoods along Foster have had varying degrees of success with their branding, while others continue to strive for a stronger identity.


Neighborhood Small Grants Available for Strengthening Community

Need money for that community garden or neighborhood barbeque you’ve been hoping to organize? Does your neighborhood association need assistance in reaching out to non-English speaking residents? Or, are you just trying to create more visual identity in your neighborhood through street banners or murals?

The city has money for that, and they want you and your community groups to take it off their hands.