Summit Recap – Arts, Culture and Community

By way of follow-up to February 15th's Foster Summit event, we've asked a couple of the attendees to share a summary of topics and ideas from the breakout session they attended. We will publish these, along with the 'butcher paper' notes in the weeks to come. (Sorry, no butcher paper notes for this one.)

Meg McHutchison participated in the discussion on ways to use the arts to create community in the Foster Road area, and she graciously agreed to share her notes on that discussion. Meg is a familiar face in the area, as a board member of both the Foster-Powell neighborhood and Performance Works Northwest, and as one of the prime movers in making the Foster Summit happen. Meg is the Creative Producer at the innovative Northwest design and marketing firm Gigantic Planet.

Were you were there? What did Meg miss? Even if you couldn't attend the event, we hope you'll share your take on these important community issues.

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It was a lively discussion among the participants of the Arts and Culture breakout session.

There are a number of new projects happening along the Foster Corridor and a number of themes that need further exploration and investment from the community.


Summit Recap – Foster’s Built Environment: Streets, Sidewalks and Beyond

By way of follow-up to February 15th's Foster Summit event, we've asked a couple of the attendees to share a summary of topics and ideas from the breakout session they attended. We will publish these, along with the 'butcher paper' notes in the weeks to come.

Today we've asked Mike Caputo, who facilitated our discussion of transportation infrastructure, to contribute his thoughts on the discussion that took place. Mike is a founder of the innovative company What Would You Like to See?, which uses crowdsourcing to bring the public into the process of creating the next generation of our built environment.

Were you were there? What did Mike miss? Even if you couldn't attend the event, we hope you'll share your take on these important community issues.

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fostersummit_348The built environment is something that impacts us all in a myriad of ways. Buildings, streets, and sidewalks do not change often – careful consideration should go into their creation, because they will impact an area for decades or more.

In the Foster-Powell, Lents and Mt. Scott-Arleta areas, pedestrians, motorists, and bicyclists all have a number of issues that the community is trying to address together. These are issues that have accumulated over a long period of time; and though they will take time and energy to address, the communities involved are prepared to roll up their proverbial sleeves and take action to improve their surroundings.


Introducing Oregon’s newest State Senator, Michael Dembrow

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Dembrow was appointed to the Oregon State Senate after three terms in the House.

Earlier this year, when Senator Jackie Dingfelder stepped down from the Legislature to work for Mayor Charlie Hales, Michael sought and won the appointment to serve the remainder of her term in the Senate.

senatordembrow2014In the process, he inherited about 60,000 new constituents, including almost all the residents of South Tabor, Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta, plus a sizable chunk of Lents.

He was kind enough to talk with Foster United about what motivates his political involvement, where he sees this part of Southeast Portland going, and how he intends to engage with 60,000 new constituents who may not know him yet. (more…)

The Other Half of the Streetscape Plan

You may have seen the flyer in your mailbox: The 5th Foster Road Open House is happening this Thursday evening.

According to the planners, this should the last one. The first 4 open houses were focused on gathering community input, sharing ideas and hearing responses and concerns. This open house is about what the city came up with. They’ll be taking comments I’m sure, but unless there is a torch and pitchfork mob in attendance they are only expecting to make small changes to the proposal before this goes to council. Think of it as an early warning of sorts – When you see the construction crews out on the ground over the coming years, this is what they are working on. (more…)

Local Legislative Shuffle Underway

Update (Nov. 8 2013):

Tonight the Senate District 23 PCPs met and voted to forward three names to the Multnomah County Commission.

The 34 Precinct Committeepersons cast their ballots as follows:
Michael Dembrow 23
C.M. Hall 8
Enrique Arias 3

Those three names will go to the County for the final selection, which will likely happen next week.

•  •  •  •

This Friday evening, various local Democratic Party semi-luminaries will gather to nominate a replacement for our local State Senator, Jackie Dingfelder. Dingfelder stepped down to take a job in Mayor Charlie Hales’ office after 12 years in the Legislature.

This sets in motion one of those only-in-Oregon processes for selecting her replacement.


Representative Michael Dembrow (HD45), former Senator Jackie Dingfelder (SD23) and Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer (HD44) at this summer’s Bicycle Town Hall.


The FINDER on Foster


Every year the Willamette Week puts out the FINDER, the Willamette Week’s so called “Guide to Portland.” The truth is, it’s not really a resource for those who know the city. Long-time Portlanders  don’t need a neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to fun stuff. But for those new to Portland, (they keep coming every day) the FINDER offers a glimpse of how the media of our local culture interprets and markets our home. (more…)

Foster’s Forgotten Neighborhoods

You’ve heard of Arleta, you know there is a school called Marysville, you know Lents, but how about Lexington Heights? Chicago? Tremont Place? Fruit Vale?

In 1906, you’d be just as likely to refer to your neighborhood by those names, as you do now for Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, or Lents.  Our current names are just a matter of chance: The Arleta Library adopted the name of the area at Foster & Holgate, Marysville lived on as the name of the elementary school, and Mr. Lent put his name on almost everything. (more…)

A Foster Weekend: Painting, Perogies, Movies and More



triangle Shed

Arleta Triangle Project

8:00 am – Arleta Triangle (72nd & Woodstock)

Help repaint the cute little shed on the cute little Arleta Triangle.  They are starting earlier than usual to beat the heat. Coffee and goodies provided !

Facebook Page


Local Lumber

10:00 am –  noon pm at the Community Tool Library Courtyard (9211 SE Ramona Street)

Green builder, Justin Euteneier will be hosting an informational workshop on locally sourced lumber, as well as, be providing a great list of resources of local shops to buy your DIY home improvement materials from!

Facebook Page  - Free!


Slavic Festival

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Lents Park (92nd & Holgate)

Come celebrate and explore Russian and Ukrainian culture midday this Saturday. Booths, food, speakers and more!

Facebook Page  - Free!


Growing Citrus in the Pacific NW

2:30-3:30 at Denis’ 7 Dees  (60th & Powell)

Armed with a little bit of knowledge, an appropriate container, sufficient sunlight (at least 6 hours), and some judicious winter protection, it is possible to grow citrus here in Portland! Your future holds fragrant blossoms & succulent fruits well-worth your efforts. Learn which varieties of citrus grow best, what conditions they prefer, pests to watch for, basic winter care, and growing season maintenance tips.

Event Page  - $5 for materials




Lents Farmers Market

11:00 am – 4:00 pm – 92nd & Foster

Foster’s own farmers market is rolling strong this year! Swing on by for some tasty food and friendly neighbors.

lents-entrywayDedicate the Lents Streetscape and Entryways

11:30 am – Noon – The West Gateway (90th & Foster)

The PDC helped bring the bling to Lents with new sidewalks, lighting, trees and some light-up entrances to the town center. Come celebrate the new digs with everyone.

PDC page

July28th Lents JackMovie in the Park: Jack the Giant Slayer

6:30 pm – Late – Lents Park (92nd & Holgate)

Lents kicks off the summer season of movies in the park with A family friendly 3D adventure.