FAN fun

Foster Art Night is back this Saturday. If you have the energy after a day of Garden Tour bliss, we urge you to take the FAN stroll and pick up your Foster Street Card.

CoverCard-01The discount card is free for neighbors and friends to frequent and discover shops, services, and restaurants along the Foster Strip. Salon Mojo is generously hosting our open house to kick off the FAN season. Stop in for refreshments, chit chat, and pick up your street card while you're at it. 

We are looking forward to another great Summer of neighborly fun, art, and inspiration.


The Other Half of the Streetscape Plan

You may have seen the flyer in your mailbox: The 5th Foster Road Open House is happening this Thursday evening.

According to the planners, this should the last one. The first 4 open houses were focused on gathering community input, sharing ideas and hearing responses and concerns. This open house is about what the city came up with. They’ll be taking comments I’m sure, but unless there is a torch and pitchfork mob in attendance they are only expecting to make small changes to the proposal before this goes to council. Think of it as an early warning of sorts – When you see the construction crews out on the ground over the coming years, this is what they are working on. (more…)

City Council Approves Additional Federal Dollars for Foster Streetscape

Today the City Council approved an additional $2 million in funding for the Foster Road Transportation Safety & Streetscape project. That amount will be added to $3.25 million already identified for the 2.2-mile long project.


Dan Bower and Mark Lear present PBOT’s recommendations on federal transportation funding to Mayor Hales and the City Council.

The Council approved PBOT’s recommended project list for the Metro Area’s Regional Flexible Funds for Fiscal Years 2016-2018. That recommendation now goes to the regionwide Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT), where it is expected to receive final approval next month.

The Council’s full funding recommendation also included $8.3 million for transportation improvements in East Portland, $1.9 million for improvements to SW Barbur Boulevard, $6 million for improvements in the Central City, and $3.7 million for freight access improvements at Swan Island and Rivergate.

Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick told the Council that “investments that make it easier to walk, bike and take transit also contribute to improving our economy. They’re not just about liveability. They’re not just about reducing our carbon footprint. They’re not just about safety. They’re also about economic development.”

The Foster Road project made the final cut with unusually broad public support, which included Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, Oregon Walks, OPAL Environmental Justice and The Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Local citizens submitted more than 150 public comments in favor of the project, far outpacing support for any other project in the region.

An Animated Foster Road – Visualizing the Streetscape Plan

FosterAnimationIt is sometimes difficult to communicate how great a  cycle track (also called a protected bike lane) could be on a street like Foster Road. A  regular bike lane is one option for a street redesign as part of the Foster Road Streetscape Plan, but I wonder if something better than a bike lane is more appropriate to serve our neighbors. If we’re going to spend the money to rework the street, lets put in a safe, comfortable protected bikeway that everyone in the neighborhood can feel safe using.

SE Portland animator and civic activist Spencer Boomhower created an interactive animation to help communicate the challenges of biking and driving on Foster Road, what a cycle track could look like on the street, and why it could be better for everyone.

Click through the animation below to learn about the bike lane proposal and see how a cycle track design might serve our neighborhoods better.

To view the animation, you may need to download the Unity Web Plugin first.

Interested in seeing a cycle track as a reality on Foster Road? Next week is another meeting of the Foster Road Streetscape Plan Advisory Committee:

The next Advisory Committee meeting for the project will be Wednesday September 25th from 6-8 pm at SE Works (79th & Foster). The meetings are open to the public and public testimony is welcome at the tail end of the meeting, usually around 7:45.

Update: YouTube Version

Because not everyone can run the special plugin to see the interactive presentation, Spencer has prepared a YouTube version for you to watch:

A Foster Weekend: Painting, Perogies, Movies and More



triangle Shed

Arleta Triangle Project

8:00 am – Arleta Triangle (72nd & Woodstock)

Help repaint the cute little shed on the cute little Arleta Triangle.  They are starting earlier than usual to beat the heat. Coffee and goodies provided !

Facebook Page


Local Lumber

10:00 am –  noon pm at the Community Tool Library Courtyard (9211 SE Ramona Street)

Green builder, Justin Euteneier will be hosting an informational workshop on locally sourced lumber, as well as, be providing a great list of resources of local shops to buy your DIY home improvement materials from!

Facebook Page  - Free!


Slavic Festival

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Lents Park (92nd & Holgate)

Come celebrate and explore Russian and Ukrainian culture midday this Saturday. Booths, food, speakers and more!

Facebook Page  - Free!


Growing Citrus in the Pacific NW

2:30-3:30 at Denis’ 7 Dees  (60th & Powell)

Armed with a little bit of knowledge, an appropriate container, sufficient sunlight (at least 6 hours), and some judicious winter protection, it is possible to grow citrus here in Portland! Your future holds fragrant blossoms & succulent fruits well-worth your efforts. Learn which varieties of citrus grow best, what conditions they prefer, pests to watch for, basic winter care, and growing season maintenance tips.

Event Page  - $5 for materials




Lents Farmers Market

11:00 am – 4:00 pm – 92nd & Foster

Foster’s own farmers market is rolling strong this year! Swing on by for some tasty food and friendly neighbors.

lents-entrywayDedicate the Lents Streetscape and Entryways

11:30 am – Noon – The West Gateway (90th & Foster)

The PDC helped bring the bling to Lents with new sidewalks, lighting, trees and some light-up entrances to the town center. Come celebrate the new digs with everyone.

PDC page

July28th Lents JackMovie in the Park: Jack the Giant Slayer

6:30 pm – Late – Lents Park (92nd & Holgate)

Lents kicks off the summer season of movies in the park with A family friendly 3D adventure.

Something Better than Bike Lanes for Foster?

The Foster Road Streetscape Plan is almost done. The City has shown their official options and in a few months the vision of the New Foster Road, whatever it looks like, will be adopted by City Council.

But people won’t stop talking about the bike lanes., the premier forum for bicycling issues in this city, has raised the topic a couple of times in the last few weeks and each post is filled with 100+ comments of discussion. The BTA has identified Foster as a potential world-class bicycling corridor, and the official City of Portland Bike Advisory Committee has expressed disappointment that regular bike lanes are the only bikeway on the table for the new design.

The Official Bike Lane Proposal:

RegularBike Lanes

Disclaimer: The decision between 4 and 3 lanes has not yet been made. The City held an open house in June to hear from the neighbors, and the ultimate call will only be made once that information is available.  



IconWhat Would You Like To See?

Have you ever looked at the empty lots around the neighborhood and had a brilliant idea for what it could be used for? Finally someone who can do something about it wants to hear your ideas.

The PDC has control of many empty lots on their hands, such as 72nd & Foster, and a handful of sites in the Lents Town Center, near 92nd & Foster. While the PDC has got big plans and bold visions for most parcels, some sites are just awaiting a creative spark to figure out how to best use them today. (more…)