Home brew, Parks and Parties

Whoa, that was a long week. With the kids entering winter break, jobs to be worked, and Santa on his way in, the holiday season tends to put folks on the stressed end of the spectrum. Lucky for us, this weekend offers a sweet little break from the chaos. The following events are cause for celebration: (more…)

Fitness at its local finest

Please join us in welcoming our newest contributor to Foster United, Angela Cortal, ND. She will be writing about healthy living in and around our fine Southeast.  If you didn’t catch the profile last week, click here. In the meantime, TADA…

Got Fitness? Mt. Scott Community Center Fitness Fair (more…)

Upcycle Fair and Cartlandia Help Raise Over $300 for Green Lents Community Tool Library

Green Lents’ Upcycle Fair, hosted at Cartlandia on September 15, helped raise over $300 in an effort to benefit the community tool library in Lents.  Thanks to the artists that took part:  Midnight Pretty, Revolution Jewelry, Reconstructed Home, Staged by Page, and Island Inspired.

Meet your Neighbor: Jessica Anders

Jessica Anders
Green Lents Community Tool Library 


Who are you?
I am one of those rare Portland natives, I do my best at gardening (still learning as I go), I diy my house cleaners, I’m a wife and a mom, I like to sing, I like to go for walks along the Springwater Corridor and I enjoy getting to know my neighbors!


What do you do?
I am currently the volunteer coordinator for the Green Lents Community Tool Library as well as other things I do for Green Lents such as fundraising, table events, planning, coordinate with Friends of Trees for the Lents and Powellhurst-Gilbert plantings. I am also the Communications coordinator for Foster Green EcoDistrict.For money, I do temp work :)


Foster Review, and Looking Ahead

If Foster United were to mirror the energy and community effort in the Foster area, we’ll have accomplished our goal.  In our first week, that mirror might have reflected both ways.  While we had a lot of news and events to report, we also received a lot of good press and attention in return, making the efforts of Foster area residents that much more visible and recognized.  To you, fine folks of Foster, I say, “Kudos, keep up the good work.” (more…)