Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not only because it’s an excuse to dress up silly, but because it encourages friendly neighborhoods  Tonight the families of Foster will bear the slightly cold and wet weather to walk down the street with their kids and knock on the doors of all the neighbors on the block. Some of these neighbors they see every day, others they may only get to talk with on rare occasions. Tonight, we’re all neighbors. (more…)

Cider tasting, costume contests, and more…

Get an early start on your Halloween celebrations this Friday at Mt. Scott Community Center’s Halloween Carnival.  The evening promises a haunted house, crafts, facepainting, creative costume prizes, bounce houses, bingo, indoor park & family swim.  The carnival is from 6-8 p.m. and it’s $3 per person or 4 canned food goods per person. Or tap yourself into an IPA pint while listening to Crooked Toad over at N.W.I.P.A. or singing karaoke at Dusty’s Bar and Grill.