Alleys, Parks, and You – Community Events this week.

Our neighborhoods are always changing, and two community-oriented events this week are examples of that change. As neighbors we can watch it happen around us, or we can take charge and help put our own fingerprints on the place we call home.

If you haven’t been to one of these events, they’re pretty low key and casual. Swing on by and take a look. (more…)

Laurelwood Park Past, Future and Abe Lincoln

Neighborhood Coalition Group the Foster Green EcoDistrict has hit the ground running with active projects this week, the first being a community-driven plan to “refresh” Laurelwood Park. The triangle-shaped .42 acre park is a quiet gem in our neighborhoods, and remains underutilized outside of large events such as Fun on Foster. This vision will be the stepping stone to ask for funding for implementation, and it is important to have broad community support and input. Do you have new ideas for Laurelwood Park? Want to see it stay the same? Please attend this meeting and make sure your voice is heard. (more…)