Meet your Neighbors: Michael Schildmeyer

7457549Michael Schildmeyer
Defense Arts Northwest
6420 SE Foster

Who are you?
I am a Third Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate; hold rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and practice Muay Thai Kickboxing and various other arts. I love the martial arts, helping people feel better about themselves, teaching self defense, and positively affecting as many lives as possible. I am the owner of and chief instructor at Defense Arts Northwest

What do you do?
I teach several forms of martial arts, self defense, and workout programs. I believe you get what you give in this world and I am determined to help build a strong community for everyone, one person at a time if I have to. The lives I have helped in my time as a martial arts instructor (and all that goes with that including: life coach, counselor, mentor, personal trainer, friend) have truly inspired me and shown me that what once was only a personal passion has now become a tool to affect great change.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
I may be repeating myself a bit…sorry :) I love teaching, passing on knowledge. I am passionate about helping people, weather its gaining confidence by learning self defense, improving health and happiness by losing weight, introducing someone to a new group of amazing people in our classes, giving a kid the tools to control his/her energy and improve concentration in school, or simply teaching someone a fun and exciting form of martial arts. I always wanted to make a difference with my life, and while I won’t likely gain international fame or immense riches with my chosen profession, I will be able to help a few people at least lead better, more fulfilled lives. And its fun!

What brought you and/or your business to this fine community?
I like the people here. I learned Foster was a great neighborhood but still had a few rough edges here and there and I figured this would be a great community to make my own and to affect some positive influence on. I love watching the empty buildings come back to life with new businesses; it has been especially enjoyable to watch the old theater across the street become active again.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster and it’s neighboring communities
I love the idea of planning regular neighborhood parties at local restaurants or businesses. Community build day. Not sure the logistics of something like this but let’s take one of these old building, one that has a big history in the community, the owner pays for all the materials and buys some food maybe. Invite everyone from the community to come out, pitch in to renovate the place, or just hang out and talk and have a good time. (Not too feasible I know but wouldn’t it be great to say you helped to build this community…literally!) Spread the word on the resources for preventing graffiti. Then organize some events centered on creating more murals in the neighborhood. Maybe even put an invite out for street artists (taggers) to come together and create a pc, socially acceptable mural showcasing their skills.

How do you envision the future of your neighborhood?
I see all these empty building filling up with new businesses. New paint, new signs, new attractions and shops coming into the neighborhood. This is a great little part of town and as more and more friendly people move into it they will attract their like. Right now there is great opportunity for growth for any new business here and the further we get into the economic recovery the more people will see that.

Some top fives to appease the list lovers Your Top 5 Songs to get you through a life?
Anything by James Taylor, Tom Petty, or Neil Young; love those guys. Anything with a fast beat to work out to. Anything positive; no need for depressing music.
Tom Petty – Last DJ
Neil Young – Harvest Moon
James Taylor – That’s Why I’m Here
David Wilcox – Farthest Shore
Anything by the Decemberists

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland
Los Gorditos food cart on Division and 50th.
Ecole De Budo martial arts and tea on Chicago in St Johns
Bar Carlo on Foster (best burgers ever)
LA Fitness in the Eastport Plaza
Mississippi Ave.


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Meet your neighbors: Dr. Angela Cortal

Dr. Angela Cortal
Rose City Health Clinic
5308 SE Rhone St

Who are you?
I am a Naturopathic Doctor and a Portlander through and through. I grew up in the Foster-Powell neighborhood in a family where giving back to the community featured prominently in my upbringing. I am truly pleased that I can combine those values and a field of medicine I love, to bring top-notch health care to my neighbors.

What do you do?
As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am a Primary Care Physician seeing patients in my clinic in the Foster-Powell neighborhood. I bring individualized medical care to the area by spending the time necessary with my patients to understand their concerns, goals and health history so that together we can work to maximize their health, happiness and quality of life. (more…)

Meet your Neighbors: Linda Austin

Linda Austin
Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th (just N of Foster)

Who are you?
Founder/Direcctor of PWNW and a choreographer and performer—it will be 30 years of performing my own work come July 2013.

What do you do?
I create dances and mutli-disciplinary performances. SInce we came here in 2000, I have — through PWNW–been nurturing the creation of new works by dancers, theater makers, musicians, performance and media artists through our cabarets and the guest-curated Alembic series that ran for a couple year, as well as by offering cheap rehearsal space. Now I am TIRED (this has been all volunteer, as is my role of director of our non-profit) and am pulling back on the presenting stuff to focus more on my own work. (more…)

Meet your Neighbors: Nancy Chapin

Nancy Chapin
TSG Services

Who are you?
The owner and operator of TSG Services (formerly The Support Group) since 1986


What do you do?
We provide management and administrative services to business district and other associations in Portland. We also assist in the production of several of the business district Street Fairs and other events such as annual meetings. (more…)

Open House Overload

Foster Corridor Investment Strategy Open House #2

DATE: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LOCATION: Lents Masonic Lodge, 5811 SE 92nd Ave


I know what you’re thinking, “Another Open House?! I just went to one the other day and sat on my ass eating cheap Costco party food.” (more…)

Meet your Neighbors: Craft Night South East

Who are you?
We are people from the neighborhood!

What do you do?
We provide a positive environment for creative thinkers and artists of all levels and ages. Equal Opportunity Crafters!! And to find and possibly help other like minded artists in our neighborhood and beyond.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
We do what we do for the love of art and friendship.


What brought you and/or your business to the Community?
FoPo needed an event like this…oh, and we live here!

What is your favorite way to enjoy Foster?
The outside tables at our favorite restaurants and bars. Biking and walking to all the shops and stores.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of this community?
1.More development and participation in the Fun On Foster event. 2. More community events at our parks. 3. MORE PUBLIC ART!

How do you envision the future of this community?
The Bob White Theater opens. Cleaner streets. A few more businesses so we have less gaps in between the cool stuff.

Some top fives to appease the list lovers……

Your Top Five Songs to get you through life?
Iron Horse- Motorhead, Satisfaction-DEVO, Dragonaut-Sleep, You’re Breaking My Heart- Harry Nilsson, KungFu-Curtis Mayfield.

Your Top Five Haunts in Portland
Bar Carlo, Gallery Homeland, Trade Up Music, Tattoos By Ryan, Nomad Piercing.

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Meet your Neighbor: Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson
The Last Word, Carts on Foster, 52nd & Foster

Who are you?
I’m a recent east coast transplant learning the Portland ways, and trying to soak up everything this city has to offer. I have a passion for cooking, with a focus on the science end of it. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to that. I also love the written word, hence the name of my food cart.

What do you do?
I sling food from a truck. I have a food truck/cart that’s anchored at the Carts on Foster pod. I serve up soups, sandwiches, and ice cream. I try to put a unique twist on the items that I serve. A couple of the menu items are the result of my east coast heritage, but most of them are things I’ve dreamed up, or challenges I’ve had thrown at me. Lately, it’s been popular for other cart owners in the pod to throw an ingredient my way, and say “Make this into ice cream.” So far its produced a maple bacon flavour, a green tea and jackfruit flavour, and a durian and spiced pear flavour. I also provide some more mainstream offerings, such as Rice Krispies Treats. (more…)

Meet your Neighbor: Jessica Anders

Jessica Anders
Green Lents Community Tool Library 


Who are you?
I am one of those rare Portland natives, I do my best at gardening (still learning as I go), I diy my house cleaners, I’m a wife and a mom, I like to sing, I like to go for walks along the Springwater Corridor and I enjoy getting to know my neighbors!


What do you do?
I am currently the volunteer coordinator for the Green Lents Community Tool Library as well as other things I do for Green Lents such as fundraising, table events, planning, coordinate with Friends of Trees for the Lents and Powellhurst-Gilbert plantings. I am also the Communications coordinator for Foster Green EcoDistrict.For money, I do temp work :)


Meet your Neighbor: Kate Thomas

As we gear up for another school year, parents and teachers alike anticipate more community involvement.  Meet Kate:
Kate Thomas
Parent @ Arleta School
What do you do?
I co-chair Arleta Boosters, which is our version of the PTA, without the dues. I also sit on the site-council, which is a group of teachers, administrators and parents at Arleta School. I also work part time outside the home & school.
What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
One of my inspirations and reasons for being interested in the growth of the Foster community is that it is where my children are being raised. My involvement in their education and maintaining a connection with community is a primary focus.