The FINDER on Foster


Every year the Willamette Week puts out the FINDER, the Willamette Week’s so called “Guide to Portland.” The truth is, it’s not really a resource for those who know the city. Long-time Portlanders  don’t need a neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to fun stuff. But for those new to Portland, (they keep coming every day) the FINDER offers a glimpse of how the media of our local culture interprets and markets our home. (more…)

Theater, Film Fests, and Big Band: The Bobwhite is Back!

The Bobwhite Theater and WarehouseIf there is one building that has the potential to connect the generations of our neighborhoods, the Bobwhite theater has that special place in the heart, history and memories of the communities spanning Foster Road.  The unassuming entry and marquee hide a vast theater and performance space, known as the Bobwhite Warehouse, and it’s bustling these days.   (more…)