Summit Recap – Arts, Culture and Community

By way of follow-up to February 15th's Foster Summit event, we've asked a couple of the attendees to share a summary of topics and ideas from the breakout session they attended. We will publish these, along with the 'butcher paper' notes in the weeks to come. (Sorry, no butcher paper notes for this one.)

Meg McHutchison participated in the discussion on ways to use the arts to create community in the Foster Road area, and she graciously agreed to share her notes on that discussion. Meg is a familiar face in the area, as a board member of both the Foster-Powell neighborhood and Performance Works Northwest, and as one of the prime movers in making the Foster Summit happen. Meg is the Creative Producer at the innovative Northwest design and marketing firm Gigantic Planet.

Were you were there? What did Meg miss? Even if you couldn't attend the event, we hope you'll share your take on these important community issues.

* * *


It was a lively discussion among the participants of the Arts and Culture breakout session.

There are a number of new projects happening along the Foster Corridor and a number of themes that need further exploration and investment from the community.


Meet your Neighbors: Linda Austin

Linda Austin
Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th (just N of Foster)

Who are you?
Founder/Direcctor of PWNW and a choreographer and performer—it will be 30 years of performing my own work come July 2013.

What do you do?
I create dances and mutli-disciplinary performances. SInce we came here in 2000, I have — through PWNW–been nurturing the creation of new works by dancers, theater makers, musicians, performance and media artists through our cabarets and the guest-curated Alembic series that ran for a couple year, as well as by offering cheap rehearsal space. Now I am TIRED (this has been all volunteer, as is my role of director of our non-profit) and am pulling back on the presenting stuff to focus more on my own work. (more…)