Artistas, y Diseñadoras Graficas: The Portland Mercado Logo Competition

Are you a graphic designer or artist? Do you want to leave your mark on the soon-to-be new addition to Foster Road businesses? Here’s your opportunity.

The Hacienda CDC and the Portland Mercado are experts at turning to their communities to get stuff done. The future Portland Mercado embodies this spirit in their association with the Micro Mercantes program for promoting small business, and in their partnership with dePave to do some DIY community-based prep the mercado site later this year.

So it’s no surprise when they want to continue the collaboration with the community to develop the logo/branding for the new latino market.

Here’s their current logo:


For their new design, they are looking for “a logo that will better represent the diversity and vibrancy of the project centered around Latino culture, food and art.”


We know there are some great artist and designers that are hungry to take this on. Read the full RFP for all details and requirements.

The deadline for submissions is 5PM on December 19th, 2013. All submissions including proper attachments must be sent via email to by the deadline.

Check out the official notice on the Portland Mercado blog.


PDC Awards for Foster Organizations

LentsURAThe PDC has a big stake in Foster, with the western stretch of Foster road and Lents Town Center being a part of the Lents Urban Renewal Area. One of the perks of URA status is the opportunity to use local money for local improvements (It’s kind of like Vegas for taxes: What happens in Foster, stays in Foster). Most of the time the PDC spends our money for us on things we identified as important through past plans, such as the Foster Streetscape Plan, Reconstruction of Ramona St, and the Lents Gateway Monuments. Sometimes they use the money to buy up land and tear down buildings in the hope that something better will get built.  But every once and a while they come back to the community and make an offer for worthy local applicants. They call this the Community Livability Grant (more…)