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The Arleta Triangle at 72nd & Woodstock is an island of community spirit in a sea of asphalt, and this weekend they need your help. Born in 2005, the traffic-island turned oasis has grown into a gathering spot for the neighborhood.

This Saturday, Nov 2nd they’re on round 2 of installing their new canopy roof, and the plan is to wrap up work before the weather turns bad. There are only 10 panels left, and a burst of volunteer effort could make quick work of it.

Specifically, they need: Tall Ladders and Cordless Power Tools (Circular Saw, Drills, Impact Drivers).

Please RSVP to if you’re able to lend a hand for a few hours.



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  1. Thanks for posting this, Nick! I might not be able to offer labor tomorrow (recovering from a bad cold) but I emailed the organizers and offered to bring a ladder and cordless drill. It’s so great to have the opportunity to participate in some way in an urban “barn-raising” :-)

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