Value Village to close this week.

Yes, it’s true.


The 82nd Ave Value Village thrift store is closing this week. Everything in the store is half-off through Tuesday, after which they’ll be shuttered for good.

The last of many finds at the 82nd Avenue Value Village: Jackie Moore’s 1973 soul classic “Cover Me.”

If that seems sudden, it is.

Staffers at the store told me that the landlord recently decided to terminate the lease at the end of this month.

The store was not losing money. They were busy seven days a week, benefiting the neighborhood by providing locals with an affordable option for clothing, appliances, books and toys, while raising money for the ARC of Multnomah-Clackamas, a nonprofit that supports people with developmental disabilities.

It’s unusual for a long-functioning, rent-paying business to be asked to leave, and the speculation among employees is that the store will be leased to someone willing to pay higher rent, or that the property will be redeveloped.

The store employed about 30 people, the last of whom will be laid off by next week. Merry Christmas…



  1. WTF? The Goodwill on 82nd down by Clackamas Town Center is gone too. I’m a little concerned about the Goodwill on Powell by 92nd now.

  2. I’m pretty sure that the Goodwill down by Clackamas Town Center just got replaced by a shiny new Goodwill in the same general area. I just visited the magic confluence of Desert Industries, Salvation Army, and Goodwill down there less than a month ago – so convenient to have them all close to each other! Random tip: Deseret Industries has really good business and business-casual clothes for men.

  3. Any news on VV relocating to 62nd and Foster or is that just a rumor?

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