Y Ahora, en Español (and Other Languages)

From the beginning the Foster United website has been about expanding the scope of how people view their neighborhood. Being in the Foster neighborhood is not about what neighborhood association boundary your home sits in, it’s about where you shop, hang-out, and where you want to do more in the future.

And now it’s not about what language you speak. Thanks to the power of Google’s translation services, the Foster United site can be instantly translated into multiple languages so that everyone can stay up on the neighborhood news printed here.

We are constantly striving to expand the topics and scale of our blog posts, events listings, and community information; we see translation as a necessary first step to expanding the reach of our potential audience.

Spread the news, in any language.


  1. This is an auto-translation service, so it won’t be perfect, but from what I read in the Spanish version, it works pretty darn well.

    It would be great to add more languages to better reflect the diversity along Foster.. we’re working on it.

    • Very nice Foster United! Can’t wait to read up on other businesses and community members in this diverse area as you post your stories. I’m looking forward one day to translating one of your stories from another language into English, true inter-language blogging! That will be awesome.

  2. That’s is wonderful! I can practice reading in different languages too! Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about the old Save A Lot property. Also, I heard tell Da Hui bought all the booths from Country Bill’s on Woodstock (recently closed) and is remodeling.

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