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For years, in-person visitations have been critical in helping parents spend time developing and maintaining a bond with their children in foster care. Since the emergence of Covid-19 and the initial shelter in place orders, many visitation centers across Florida have been shut down—some indefinitely. That means more than 80% of children in Florida’s Foster Care System have not been able to see their parents face to face in 9 months. Imagine not being able to see your child face to face, to touch them or hug them, to only be able to say hey through a computer screen! Imagine the heartache that would bring to you and your children. With your support of just $27 a month, Unity Foster Ministries can eliminate the barrier of transportation for parents trying to spend time with their children with a fully funded state-of-the-art RV-style mobile visitation center—a state first. At $127 a month, we can open a full service, brick-and-mortar visitation center that can bring parents and children back together in a safe, clean and exciting new way! Please consider being a part of the change and a long-term solution to the foster care crisis right here in our community.

Together we can make a difference…together we #FosterUnited!

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Who We Are

Our Story

Each year, nearly 1100 foster families close their homes and hang up their licenses across the State of Florida, all while the number of children entering foster care continues to rise. At current levels, we would need to license and open nearly 1500 new homes every year to replace the ones that close and have sufficient homes to care for those entering care. Founded by a foster family for foster families, Unity Foster Ministries, Inc, has a unique understanding of what it is like to serve on the front lines of the foster care system. We have felt the anticipation, uncertainty and heartache with and for these children as they have crossed our threshold and into a new home surrounded by strangers.

It has long been said that “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, and Unity Foster Ministries is no exception! Ask any foster parent what they wished they could change about the foster system and you will get any number of responses, but the one response that you will likely hear echoed time after time is SUPPORT! Foster parents face a number of challenges with every placement and unfortunately we find that society does not place the same importance on having a foster child placed in your home as it does you bringing home your very own biological child. There is no baby shower, no line of people wanting to come meet the member of your family, no one to help out around the house while you and your family adjust to your new family dynamic and no one bringing you meals to help lessen the burden while you suffer from sleepless nights and hectic days. Truth is, this is the kind of help that foster families need in order to keep their homes open for our most vulnerable children. The lack of these types of support from friends and even family, continues to be a huge barrier to the growth of existing families and the development of new foster homes.

Enter Unity Foster Ministries, Inc., a not for profit support organization deeply rooted in faith and our belief that the care of foster children is directly commanded by Christ and it is the responsibility of every Church and every Christian to support those who have chosen to care for these children regardless of their relationship with with God. We believe that we should all be expressing the love of Christ through our actions and it starts with loving on and supporting foster families and the children in their care. James 1 : 27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

Matthew 25 : 40

And the King will answer them, "Truly, I say to you, as you did unto one of the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me."

What We Do


We partner with Churches from around the community to provide them with the foundation and the playbook to create their own support teams to come along side of and wrap around the front line foster families in their area. These teams provide a number services from meals, childcare, lawn maintenance and even house cleaning. Really, there is no limit to the ways they can serve our local foster families and the children in their care.

Placement Support

It all starts with a simple phone call upon placement of a child into care, "how can we help?" Then our teams mobilize to provide everything from meals to childcare so that the family can get the child enrolled into school(if necessary), seen by the pediatrician, court dates or just simply out to lunch. Teams even have members with the desire to mow lawns and clean houses, do laundry and run errands.


We strive to strengthen the fostering community by bringing local foster families together with others who are either serving on the front lines or supporting those who are. Through regular social events and gatherings, we encourage new relationships and help to solidify existing one.

Special Events

One of the ways we help strengthen and grow the foster community is by holding special events. These events help bring foster parents together with each other as well as the various support services and the teams that are there to help them. We also host various educational events and informational sessions to bring awareness to the community for foster care and what the children and their families need help them feel supported and empowered.


Our belief is that true understanding can only come from education and this understanding can truly bring upon change! Because of this, we partner with various organizations to educate our teams, volunteers, foster parents, teachers and churches in various areas that help us all relate to and understand the children and their families and how we can help to make them stronger.


One of the unique ways that Unity Foster Ministries reaches the children in care in our community and their biological families is by mentoring. With our mentor program, we are able to reach children on their level and meet them where they are. We are able to lift these children up in their time of need and help them to build the confidence and strength to face whatever obstacles life might throw at them. While mentoring the children, we also aim to train foster families to make them feel more comfortable mentoring the biological parents of the children in their home.

Unity Hope Chest

One of the most important outreach opportunities that we have at Unity Foster Ministries, Inc is the Hope Chest.  Through this important arm of our organization we are able to help provide clothing and beds for children in care, food and gift cards to help foster families meet the needs of the children in their home, diapers and wipes, toys and health and beauty items to relieve some of the burden on foster families.  All of these items are collected by donations from individuals and businesses throughout our community.

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