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Unity Hope Chest​

To schedule a time to drop off donations at our location, please contact us below.

We are always in need of monetary donations so that we can purchase emergency items and gift cards for our families to use as needs arise. To make a monetary donation, simply click the button above to donate securely through PayPal.

All to often a family gets a call to take a child into their home and then finds out that the child has a sibling or is older/younger than they had prepared for but their heart was being led to say yes anyways.  In these instances, the family may not have been prepared with the appropriate furniture for the child.  We collect donations of gently used beds, dressers, cribs, mattresses, changing tables, etc. so that we can help remove the obstacles of saying yes when your heart is prompted.  No child deserves to sleep without a bed that they can call their own or to have a dresser to put their belongings in and know that they are safe.

Often times, children enter foster care with little more than the clothes on their backs.  Our goal is to fulfill this need for the child and the foster families by providing clothing and shoes and to help the child during this transition.  The clothes are all quality items in good condition and something the child can be proud of.  We believe that children in care should have the opportunity to dress in a way that brings them joy and makes them proud.  Check out our Facebook page for up to date needs for this part of our ministry.

One of the things that typically goes without any thought is the need for health and beauty products.  Different children from different ethnic backgrounds or of different ages have very different needs when it comes to health & beauty care.  For this reason, we accept donations of new, unopened items and we stock a fairly comprehensive line of products to help families meet these needs for the children and teens in their homes.  From shampoos and soaps, and ethnic specific hair care products to feminine products and deodorants, we try to make sure the children and families have what.they need to look and feel their very best.

One of the highest needs for babies tends to be car seats, diapers and wipes.  Many babies that come into a foster home come with nothing and it is left up to the foster parents to run out and get these items in order to accept that child into their home. These can be very expensive and because of this, we try stock a full range of sizes and types of diapers and wipes to help foster families provide this basic essential and car seats of various sizes to provide safety for the children as they grow.

Their is an image in most people’s minds of a child walking into a strange home carrying garbage bag with their most prized possessions and unfortunately, this image is fairly accurate for those  children who come into foster care and actually have possessions to bring.  Most, unfortunately, do not, but whether they do or don’t does not mean they should leave foster care with their very own possessions and something better than a garbage bag to carry them in.  Throughout the year, we collect new or barely used luggage to provide to children when they are leaving foster care so that they have something that they can proudly use to carry their belongings with them.

Many times, we get calls from families or the foster placement organization expressing a need for something we just don’t have.  Whether it be a mattress, a bed, a certain size of shoes or a specific kind of formula, whatever it may be we do not want for these children to go without.  This is why your monetary donations are so important.  We utilize these cash donations to purchase these items and fulfill the family’s immediate needs.  We also use these cash donations to provide families with gift cards to Target, Wal Mart, Publix, etc. so that we might be able to bless them wit ha little help getting other essentials that we may not have in stock.

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